Our core mission is to provide our clients with the very best real estate investment analysis, opportunities and consulting. We are dedicated to helping our clients identify investment opportunities that meet their risk and return objections and achieve effective and efficient results.

Our clients are major banks, servicers, real estate investors, investment banks, insurance companies, law firms and government agencies. Fortace’s principals and managers are experienced executives and recognized experts, with proven track records in real estate investments, mortgage origination, capital markets, loss mitigation, risk management, finance, expert witness and legal support services.


Recognized Expertise and Perspective
Our broad and deep experience in all facets of real estate and financial services enables us to identify, execute and manage real estate investments and mortgage origination and portfolio related activities..
Highly Qualified Team
We hire only experienced real estate management personnel who have worked at large real estate firms and financial institutions, and we subject them to rigorous testing, training, and quality control oversight.
Real Estate Management Systems
Our proprietary real estate analysis and management systems organizes our team for success in identifying the right investment strategy,executing the acquisition and management of real estate investments, mortgage origination and loan portfolios.
Systematic and Organized Programs
We provide a workflow process that is comprehensive in scope and targeted in results, and we develop a customized end product to your exact specifications.
Expert Witness Services
The Fortace team has provided real estate related expert witness services to its clients for the last 12 years.  
Dedicated Client Support Team
We deploy a specialized team for each client engagement, with its own dedicated managers and support staff.

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