Reducing Repurchases Directly Impacts Earnings.
Compare Our Success Rates on Rescission and Loss Sharing.
Fortace’s Program Minimizes
Repurchase Exposures.

›› Repurchase demands are rampant as government entities and private investors seek to mitigate unprecedented credit losses.

›› We understand the investor relations implications of repurchase negotiations and the importance of preserving long term relationships.

›› Tens of billions of dollars are at stake, as large institutions battle to shift responsibility for loan programs and performance.

›› We understand how to persuasively support our rebuttals and defenses with loan file documentation and outside data sources..

›› We achieve higher rescission rates and loss sharing agreements while ensuring our loan level reviews and resolutions are perceived as being conducted in good faith.

›› We provide flexible reporting and easy to follow internal tracking of initial repurchase claims, review status and results.

›› Contract analysis is a key component in successful rebuttals, and we have extensive experience with seller/servicer contract and guide provisions, loan sales and securitization agreements, and bond and mortgage insurance products.

›› We employ our proprietary Reunderwriting Management System to prepare for success by ensuring that our response to each investor finding is on point and well documented.

›› We summarize rebuttal points in a clear and concise format that is consistent with the loan terms and contract, and is “letter ready” for transmission to your institution’s counterparty


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